Updated 14.8.2018 (21:00)
First name Last name Gender Country
Jacqueline Davies Female United Kingdom
Amanda Greenaway Female United Kingdom
Ruth Sarah Vingerhagen Female Norway
Peter Tindall Male United Kingdom
Cliff Odgers Male United Kingdom
Håkon Sitre Male Norway
Asle Farestad Male Norway
Stein Terje Dahl Male Norway
Alberto Perez Alonso Male Spain
Morten Sjursen Male Norway
Jerome Manceau Male
Jan Petter Nore Male Norway
Espen Seidel Male Norway
Ferenc Csima Male Hungary

Quadrathlon OSLO 2018, World Cup, 18.08.2018

Sprint quadrathlon 750m swim - 16km MTB - 4km kayak - 5km run

Entry fee

Till                          Individual                 Relay                      Payment method
31.5.2018              500 NOK                       850 NOK                 In advance
30.6.2018             650 NOK                     1000 NOK                 In advance
18.8.2018             850 NOK                      1200 NOK                 Cash on presentation, without T-shirt

Payment of entry fee


    Single 650.00 NOK Registering a single athlete only
    Relay 1000.00 NOK Relays are teams with 4 or at least 2 members

    Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

      2. Electronic financial transfer till August 11 2018 to a bank account in DNB bank

IBAN: NO75 1503 6781 065, SWIFT (BIC): DNBANOKKXXX

Notice: Name and surname of the competitor, for whom the entry fee is paid.
In case of a collective payment, we ask you to send an e-mail to with a list of competitors, for who the payment is made!!!

       3. In cash at the presentation on August 18  2018 from 07.00 am till 09.00 am

The amount of entry fee depends on the date of payment, not on the date of registration. This doesn´t apply to foreign competitors.


Organizer does not provide health insurance, therefore we recommend to ensure your own individual health insurance. Organizer is not responsible for damages of property or injuries associated with travel, stay and participation of the competitors at the event.